State of California COVID-19 Medical Supply Contributions

Please use this form to describe resources you have to contribute, either for donation or purchase, to support California’s response to COVID-19.

If you are an individual looking for an avenue to donate a smaller amount of resources, please consider donating to your local community COVID-19 response efforts.

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Organization and Contact Information

What resources are you offering?

Please read the CDPH Specifications PDF, and identify resources that you have that meet these specifications. Please identify all of the relevant information, including estimated unit cost and initial ship date, to enable a more efficient review of the resources.

Unit Cost (USD)
Initial Ship Date
N95 Respirators (Disposable)
Surgical Masks
Coveralls (Hospitals and EMS)
Surgical or Exam Gowns
Face Shields (Disposable)
Examination Gloves
Hand Sanitizers
Viral Testing Media
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Are you interested in donating these resources?

Are you able to deliver further shipments of these resources?

Beyond the initial shipment identified above, please provide information for future shipments. If applicable, please describe the items you can provide, the quantity, and delivery dates you anticipate you can fulfill.

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Do you have a current supply of this resource and/or are you able to manufacture this resource?

For offers of manufacturing only:

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Please fill out more detailed information about your business entity, including your federal tax identification and year of incorporation, to enable a more efficient review of your business.

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